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This is a Damon Salvatore gif blog which I will be really bad at updating. My name is Sarah, and I had this URL once before (come say hi!). I deleted because I didn't have time to keep it up and then I also deleted most of my old gifs so....I've made a lot of poor life choices, basically. Damon is obviously my favorite, and I won't make a gif if he's not in it, but I love TVD in general and don't want to bash anyone. I basically learned how to gif because I love Damon's face--that's why they're so poor. I have no artistic talent but I DO TAKE REQUESTS so don't be shy!

Can we just….


Can somebody please fucking help my understand the God Damn Vampire Diaries. It’s bad enough that the show is horrible now, BUT NOW I’M STUCK WATCHING IT BECAUSE I CAN’T QUIT IT AND IT MAKES NO SENSE. Why do they need to protect Amara? Why can’t she die? Is she somehow linked to bringing down the other side now? SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP GOD DAMN

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3x17 Break on Through
3x17 Break on Through


So, this might be unpopular, but why is everybody acting like Elena is the only person to ever be tortured or manipulated in the history of TVD? Does nobody remember Elena enlisting Lexi’s help in order to torture him into turning it back on? This seems to be the standard way to do it. Is it ass backwards that Damon had her turn it off only to have to torture her into turning it back on? Most definitely. But that’s because Julie Plec can’t write for shit. She wanted the humanity off—boom,sire bond! She wanted it on—well, Damon’s always the scapegoat in these situations, right? He’ll make the tough choices, blah blah blah. I admit to being an unapologetic Damon stan, but I don’t think I’m biased here. This is not a misogyny issue. This is how the writers tend to deal with the humanity issue. If Elena should never forgive Defan, then Stefan should never forgive Elena (and Damon should never forgive Stefan for S1). I just think that people are really quick to blame Damon for everything.

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I was wondering if you had any gifs of Damon not being invited in

Do you mean to the boarding house?? Ohhhh, I had a ton before the first time I deleted this blog! I can work on this!!!!

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I am unfollowing you today not because your blog isn't fabulous and amazing, but because TVD is no longer the show I fell in love with. Just wanted to let you know your blog has been amazing and you are not losing a follower for lack of quality. Keep up the amazing work for the remainder of the TVD fandom!

Oh my God, nonnie! Thank you for this sweet message! I’ll miss you but I understand that the show has become very painful for a lot of people! <3

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I’m confused…

Spoiler alert

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Hello, dearest followers! Do you like TVD *and* RP? Well, then, you should totally apply for this new one: http://thesunalsorisesrp.tumblr.com. They need male roles!! Almost all of them are open, so go apply!!

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Damon and Katherine in 1864 VS. Damon and Elena in 2011.
2x22 As I lay Dying